Zombies In The Museum, National Museums Scotland (Edinburgh)

We are bringing zombies back to the streets of Edinburgh on  the 28th of August.


Edinburgh is on lockdown following the outbreak of an infectious disease. We are calling for brave survivors to join a citizen force to help us in our mission.



An evil genius has hatched a plan to turn the population of Scotland into zombies. During routine renovations to the National Museum of Scotland, ten crates were admitted to the building containing new exhibits. One of them is not what it seems. Join our Citizen Defence Force, be trained by real scientists from Edinburgh University and The Roslin Institute and help us locate the source of infection before it’s too late.

Zombies in the Museum is part of Scotland Creates, a national project working with partner museums, young adults and creative partners. Under the guidance of LAStheatre this project has been devised by young adults, for young adults with The Roslin Institute, Science Ceilidh and Renegade Science.

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