Nominated for four Off West End Awards - Best Performance, Writing, Music & Design!
A rollicking, heart-warming tale for everyone!

This musical adaptation of the award-winning children’s book will delight audiences young and old with beautiful puppets, catchy tunes and an uplifting tale of self-acceptance for all the family.
Gertie is great at being THE LITTLEST YAK, with the CURLIEST, WHIRLIEST wool and the GRIPPIEST of hooves for clip-clopping up cliffs. Only, Gertie doesn’t want to be the littlest. She’s in a rush to grow up and be just like THE BIG YAKS. But what if there are some things that only a GERTIE can do? A gorgeous story celebrating YOU being perfect…just the way you are!
Kent-based theatre company, LAStheatre, bring The Littlest Yak to the stage in spectacular fashion. Join them for a dazzling adventure, into the heart of the Himalayas, that is sure to get even the grumpiest of yaks into the festive spirit.

Based on the book by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley.

Recommended 3yrs+

2024/2025 Tour Dates Coming Soon!

Where we've been...

Christmas at The Marlowe, 2023
Tour inc. Polka, Half Moon, artsdepot & Jacksons Lane
2023/2024 Cast
Michela Murphy, Darcey O'Rourke & Felicity Sparks

R&D Performers
Ruby Ablett, Matthew Hinchliffe, Hazel Monaghan & Felicity Sparks 

Creative Team
Set, Costume, and Puppet Designer: Alison Alexander
Producer: Liz Bate
Stage Manager: Ruth Blakey
Writer (Book & Lyrics) & Director: Barra Collins
Composer: Joseph Hardy
Lighting Designer: Cheng Keng

Photography: Alex Brenner

Created with support from:
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LAStheatre is a Social Enterprise Company incorporated in England & Wales under the name LAS THEATRE C.I.C., Company No 08052556.
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