March 3, 2013
Deadinburgh, Summerhall (Edinburgh)

  This April, join us as an unknown pathogen ravages Scotland’s capital, turning the unlucky souls into bloodthirsty ambling beasts. You are one of the last uninfected citizens in a city under martial law, cut off from the rest of the UK. With help from real scientists, you have only hours to decide how to […]

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April 3, 2012
The Enlightenment Café, Old Vic Tunnels (London)

  In the depths of The Old Vic Tunnels find The Enlightenment Café a Victorian world for aesthetes, geeks, bon-viveurs and enquiring minds. Do the rounds at a Victorian Psychiatric Clinic, be schooled in the science of love at the Institute of Victorian Dating Etiquette, experiment with the inebriating alchemy of Gin Distillation and flaunt […]

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