The Rascally Diner R&D (London & Hampshire)

"Utterly Brilliant" - Curious Arts Festival

In July 2018, LAStheatre began the early stages of research and development on The Rascally Diner, a new show inspired by The Rascally Cake by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul.  This R&D supported by the Old Vic Theatre with space at their Work Rooms and culminated in a sharing at Curious Arts Festival in the New Forrest.


In terrible booking error, it seems Curious Arts Festivals hired Mr Rufus Skumskins O’Parsley, to bake a cake for their 5th birthday celebrations.  Little did they know, Mr. O’Parsley is notorious for dishes like Bogey Burgers, Brown Rat Toast and Fat Black Tadpoles Squashed on Toast.  The diminutive audience and their aged minders joined Rufus as he foraged around the festival site looking for ingredients.  They then helped him bake a most curious cake, and celebrated the festivals 5th birthday with a cake cutting that they, and their parents, are unlikely to ever forget.


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