The Astronomers Story, Christ Church (Macclesfield)


This year, at Barnaby Festival, LAStheatre transformed Christ Church into the secret laboratory of eccentric astronomer, John Merschel, and invited families of Macclesfield  to join in his greatest ever venture!

Following their many failed experiments, Mershel & Co. had finally succeeded in bringing the moon and stars down to earth. But John hadn't been quite as clever as he thought and he needed the towns help to send them back!




Following the live show the audience received this call to arms.



The people of Macclesfield answered the call and hundreds of people from across the town joined together for the stunning finale of The Astronomers Story - where the moon was sent back to space!


AS Moon

The Astronomers Story is a LAStheatre production in association with Barnaby Festival and Wild Rumpus. The finale of The Astronomers Story, The Moon Rising, was produced and orchestrated by Wild Rumpus.

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