Story Storage Workshop at Curious Arts Festival

LAStheatre will be back at Curious Arts Festival again this year. This time in the guise of Story Storage.

At Curious Arts Festival, 2017 Story Storage will be delivering their world famous Imagination Manager training! Come and tell them your favourite stories and, with their help, turn them into miniature 3D environments – ready for storage. Expect paint, pipe cleaners and craft related pizzazz.

“Story Storage, as the name suggests, is a company that stores stories. Whenever someone imagines a character, a setting, a story it has to be stored somewhere. The mind, of course, is the ideal place to collect your imaginary creations but what happens if you are a prolific creative with lots of tales wobbling around in your head? Or perhaps you need to free up some brain space for a big exam? That’s where Story Storage comes in!”

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