Story Storage, China Children's Book Expo (Beijing)

LAStheatre will be taking their new project Story Storage to the China Children's Book Expo 2016, in Beijing, to launch four new children's books.


story storage logo


At Story Storage, we do what it says on the box, we store stories. With purpose built archives across the planet, we have the space you need. From characters and settings, to complete story worlds, we have the expertise to keep your tales box fresh.

Need storage solutions for your home? Visit one of our Story Storage workshops where our Imagination Managers will lead you in a class on domestic story storage. Our passionate staff are always cheery and happy to help.




“I love being an imagination manager. It is a real joy collecting, nurturing and maintaining stories. No two days are the same. The real high is seeing the look on people’s faces when they collect their creations - just as brightly coloured and exciting as the moment they popped into their head.” - John, Imagination Manager

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