The Rascally Diner

Touring, Summer 2020

Inspired by the book ‘The Rascally Cake’ by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul, LAStheatre are developing a new production for humans aged 6 and over about healthy eating. 

The original story follows Mr Rufus Skumskins O’Parsley who famously eats disgusting food made from toenails, dead flies, and mud. This accounts for his green skin and purple hair. Mr O’Parsley is baking a cake using his trademark disgusting ingredients when the gateau transformed into a man-eating bun and attempts to devour him. 

Rufus narrowly escapes with his life but only on account of his revolting taste – a result of his appalling diet.

In The Rascally Diner, we meet Mr O’Parsley following this traumatic experience. He wants to change his ways and eat nutritious foods but he has no idea what a vegetable is or where they come from. Together with the audience, Mr O’Parsley plants seeds, digs up/collects ingredients & they make a meal together. This narrative is inspired by evidence strongly linking children’s likelihood of eating vegetables & choosing healthier food options to a hands-on understanding of food provenance.

In January and March 2020, we will develop this show through a residency at artsdepot, London. 

As part of our artsdepot residency, we will collaborate with trained nutritionist, Alison Bate, and award-winning writer and cook, Kate Young.  Together, we will hold workshops in schools and community centres to better understand this issue from the point of view of our audience.

The production will tour in Summer 2020. For more information, or to book The Rascally Diner, contact [email protected]
Creative Team

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Designer: Sean Turner
Food Consultant: Kate Young
Outdoor Arts Consultant: Paul Evans
Producer: Liz Bate

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