The Rascally Diner

Tour Postponed To Summer 2021
** Visit for disgusting dishes & fiendishly fun recipes during lockdown. **

LAStheatre present The Rascally Diner, a fun-filled, messy performance about food and our enjoyment of it. 

Meet Rufus Skumskins O’Parsley, a chef renowned for making some of the world’s most disgusting dishes like Bogey Burgers and Brown Rat Roast. 

Rufus shot to fame after baking a gateau so gruesome, it came to life and threatened to devour him. But where did his foul flair with food come from? Where did his story begin?

Join him for a ridiculous “televised” culinary experience for families, suitable for audiences aged 5 and up.

The Rascally Diner is inspired by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul’s award-winning children’s book The Rascally Cake.
There will be opportunities for families to get involved in dishing up at the Rascally Diner and planting mysterious critters, known only as seeeeeeds. Revolting.

The Rascally Diner is a LAStheatre production, commissioned by Just So festival, and created with support from Arts Council England and artsdepot.

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Creative Team

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Producer: Liz Bate
Designer: Sean Turner
Composer: Joseph Hardy
Outdoor Arts Consultant: Paul Evans
Food Consultant: Kate Young
Nutritionist: Alison Bate

Created with support by:
Copyright © 2020 LAStheatre
LAStheatre is a Social Enterprise Company incorporated in England & Wales under the name LAS THEATRE C.I.C., Company No 08052556.
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