Folkestone Quarterhouse, Kent
During summer 2018, LAStheatre began developing a new show inspired by the ‘The Story of Mrs Lovewright and Purrless her Cat’ by Lore Segal. 

This R&D process took place in collaboration with 4 schools, a Home Ed group and local families from the Folkestone area. 

Parents/carers, teachers and children had an active voice in the creation of the show through a series of workshops with the creative team.

This was followed by a two week residency at the Folkestone Quarterhouse with two circus performers, a musician and a puppeteer. Our local collaborators visited the rehearsal space to see how the project was developing and had another opportunity to feed into the creative process.

The story follows a widow who is lonely and wants a cat to cuddle and stroke, one that purrs and will sit on her knee.

 However, when the cat arrives, it doesn’t do these things. Together they struggle through their preconceived ideas of what life together should be like until they find a love that is right for both.

The book raises important issues for audiences, young and old. For adults it touches on preconceived ideas of parenthood and relationships, whilst for children it raises the important discussion of consent and personal choice.
Creative Team

Cast: Ruby Gaskell, Loren O’Dair, Joseph Richardson & Joshua Smith

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Designer: Cherry Truluck
Access Consultant: Elise Davison
Circus Consultant: Paul Evans
Outdoor Arts Consultant: Pete Gunson
Producer: Liz Bate

Film & Photography: Buckle Up Films

Created with support from:
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