Immersive Christmas Carol

Across the City of Bath, UK
“Amazing, innovative and lots of funa promenade performance of mystery and Dickensian magic”
Bristol Post
Marley is dead. Dead as a door nail. But his spirit has returned to plague one unsuspecting soul: Ebenezer Scrooge.

Follow the spectres as they guide you through the streets of historic Bath, in this unique promenade production to save Scrooge.

After a spectacular first act in front of Bath Abbey, the audience were given a night cap and latern, as they took on the role of Scrooge. 

Split into 3 groups, they followed Marley's spectres through the city streets as they journeyed towards Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Along the way they encountered characters from Dickens’ other Christmas classics. One group met people from The Chimes, another Cricket on the Hearth and the third met characters from The Haunted Man; the performance diverging in to three unique experiences.

At Scrooge's funeral they reconvened  and put their hats and lanterns in the coffin, as the spectres led a procession back through the streets of Bath for a thrilling finale at the Abbey.

This outdoor production featured a cast of 25 performers and was devised in collaboration with final year BA Acting and Theatre Production students at Bath Spa University.
Creative Team

Cast: Alistair Ballard-Martin, Jessica Bennet, Fraiser Clark, Charlie Cocker, Harriet Cole, Daniel Davies, Michael Difford, Louisa Rose Doswell, Lorna Durham, Joshua Gray, Lydia Harman, Colleen Hedley, Tom Hogan, Peter Holmes, Jodie Kelly, Mabel McKeown, Rebecca Melluish, Reece Amber Moss, Kristina Rasic,  Max Reid, Catherine Richardson, Jacob Ruddle, Eleanor Sawyer, Harry Taylor, Martin Todorov

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Designer: Cherry Truluck
Costume Designer: Caroline Francis
Lighting Designer: Kam Wing Tsui
Sound Designer: James Wainwright
Video Designer: Polly Lane 

Photography: Nick Spratling

Created with support from:
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