DNA Patent Office, Kings Cultural Institure (London)

The UK’s Medical Research Council turned 100 in 2013. In celebration of this fact, and the 60th Anniversary of Rosalind Franklin’s Photo 51, the historic image created through x-ray crystallography proving the double-helical structure of DNA, Kings Cultural Institute are teaming up with a variety of collaborators from the worlds of science and the arts.

LAStheatre are proud to be one of the companies taking part. Join us for a playful experience pondering the future of D.N.A engineering at the D.N.A Patent Office. This theatrical outfit at will be accepting new patents for D.N.A. utilising inventions.

Why not make yourself glow in the dark? Or grow fur like a bear to escape the cold?

Each inventor must secure support for their patent from real scientists at Photo 51 - your creativity will be required!


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