The Lost Carnival:
Battle of the Carnivals

Queens Park, Crewe
'The Lost Carnival is like nothing I’ve ever seen entertainment at its most imaginative best.'
Stoke Sentinel 
In 2016, The Lost Carnival returned for its grand finale – The Battle of the Carnivals!

Sergei Bird, the head of the Bird Carnival, feeling ill-treated by Popou Ingénue’s claims, challenged the Ingénue’s to a battle royal, a carnival-off, if you will. 

He said: “things are not always as they seem, nothing is ever black and white, nothing fair in love and warring carnivals.”

On the hour, every hour, the audience met at the Boxing Ring Stage where members of each carnival demonstrated their skill and slogged it out for the audiences approval.

Jewel, the travelling adjudicator could be heard billowing...

"One carnival will be crowned champion. The other banished from the carnival world forever. Letttssss Geettt Reeadddyy Tooo Rummmblllleeee."

Stoke Sentinel

My six-year-old son and his 10-year-old cousin were so captivated by our visit to the Lost Carnival that they hastily devised their own act. Luckily, considering they have only very basic gymnastics experience, their short tumbling routine involved no aerial acrobatics. But every time they spotted one of the professional performers, the pair coaxed them away for a few moments to watch their show. By this time next year, I expect them to have packed their bags and run away to join the circus… or rather carnival.

The Lost Carnival is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. But when I say ‘see’, it’s much more than that – because you literally become a part of the carnival.
The outdoor immersive theatre experience opened yesterday at Queen’s Park, Crewe, and you can still catch it this evening or tomorrow evening. The magical evening centres on the Birds and the Ingénues, two rival carnival families battling for supremacy. Each team attempts to win over the audience with their dazzling circus skills, featuring magic, music, acrobatics, and more. At the end of the evening, it’s up to us – children and adults alike – to vote for our favourite family (reminds me of the circus that is the EU Referendum, although the Lost Carnival is far more fun).

But which family did I vote for?
Well, after pledging my allegiance to Team Ingénue early in the evening, by the end I’d switched my support to their rivals. Why? I simply couldn’t not vote for Team Bird after their mischievous magician, Maks Mager, called upon my services as his impromptu assistant on stage. I thoroughly enjoyed my moment in the limelight, although I’m still awaiting his response to my request for a permanent role with his troupe. If you get the chance, I’d wholeheartedly recommend an evening at the Lost Carnival before it leaves town. It’s family entertainment at its most imaginative best.

– Colette Warbrook
Creative Team

Cast: Mathia Asplund, Nicola Blackman, Farrell Cox, Jospeh Derrington, Anna Larkin, Ivanhoe Norona & Jenny Novitzky.

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Movement Director: Deb Pugh
Designer: Sean Turner
Costume Maker: Bryony Rumble

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