Summerhall, Edinburgh:
April 2013

Winner of 5 awards including the Scottish Event Award’s CHAIRMAN’S AWARD and BEST EXPERIENTIAL EVENT

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An unknown pathogen ravages Scotland’s capital, turning the unlucky souls into bloodthirsty ambling beasts. You are one of the last uninfected citizens in a city under martial law, cut off from the rest of the UK. Now, with help from real scientists, you have only hours to decide how to save Edinburgh, and perhaps the world.

Deadinburgh is part of LAStheatre’s Enlightenment Café series and developed in conjunction with leading digital creative agency The Gate Worldwide.

This experiential theatre production introduces the audience to the worlds of epidemiology and biomedical science by bringing together professional actors and scientists from laboratories including: The Roslin Institute; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Heriot Watt University; Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology; Centre for Eating Disorders (Scotland); Manchester Metropolitan’s School of Healthcare Science; University College London; and the University of Edinburgh.

Through the outbreak of a zombie epidemic Deadinburgh asks ‘what does it really mean to be human’ whilst offering parallels with real life science, procedures and diseases such as HIV and TB.

In a theatrical world with actors playing the infected hordes and besieged soldiers, the audience meet genuine scientists using real science to solve a fictitious disease. In the end the audience must decide whether to destroy the city, cull the infected, or search for a cure; the fate of the city is in their hands.


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Deadinburgh is an Enlightenment Café by LAStheatre in association with The Gate Worldwide. Made possible by funding from Arts & Business Scotland.

Arts & Business Scotland         The Gate Worldwide         LAStheatre

Additional supporters include:

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council     The Royal Society of Edinburgh     Entourage Live