This Christmas, LAStheatre are back at the Folkestone Quarterhouse with a new, quick-paced, three-hand version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ for families. Featuring songs, silliness and a singing oyster, this new adaptation of the classic will include puppetry and live music whilst holding true to the politics of the piece.  Tickets are available from the Quarterhouse Website. Some dates are already […]

Lovewright (Video)

A short video about our new production ‘Lovewright’. The R&D for this project, which took place at the Folkestone Quarterhouse, was made possible by Arts Council England, the Creative Foundation and Folkestone Town Council. We are currently seeking partners for the next stage of its development, including a UK tour in 2019.    

  Set design is really just a process of making one decision after another and then responding to the fall-out and happy accidents that come from those decisions.    It was pretty clear for LOVEWRIGHT that the chair was the thing.   It was the first thing we bought, from a lady called Bim in Dover – she had a […]

Creative access is a way to make your work accessible to as many people as possible while still maintaining creative integrity.  For me this means that access is one of the first things I think about, often it steers the creative vision of a piece. Access opens up a world of possibilities for me in the creative journey of a […]

Ruby Gaskell Ruby Gaskell is a circus artist, she graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts, London in 2017. Her main disciplines are Dance Trapeze, and combining movement with the art of contortion. She also has a background in designing for theatre and live performance, where she discovered a love for devising.   Tell us a little about yourself? […]

In September 2015, I discovered ‘The Story of Mrs. Lovewright and Purrless her Cat’ by Lore Segal.  On the cusp of 30, it seemed to me to be about how we sabotage our deepest longing for connection by demanding that those close to us love us in exactly the way we expect. In the following years, as I read and […]

“Utterly Brilliant” – Curious Arts Festival In July, LAStheatre began research and development on The Rascally Diner, a new show based on The Rascally Cake by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul.  This R&D was supported by the Old Vic Theatre with space at their Work Rooms and culminated in a showing at Curious Arts Festival in the New Forrest.   In […]

  This summer we are developing a new show based on the children’s book ‘The Story of Mrs Lovewright and Purrless her Cat’ by Lore Segal.   The process will take place in collaboration with 4 schools, a Home Ed group and local families from the Folkestone area. Parents/carers, teachers and children will have an active voice in the creation of […]

Old Vic CPD

Barra Collins and Cherry Truluck led a day long Design CPD, on the collaborative relationship of a Director and Designer, for teachers at the Old Vic Theatre.  This CPD covered: The role of the designer. The role of the director. The importance of collaboration. A brief history of scenograhpy. Theatre styles and vocabulary. How to collaboratively develop ideas. Creating shared […]

Marley is dead. Dead as a door nail. But his spirit has returned to plague one unsuspecting soul: Ebenezer Scrooge. We invite you to relive this classic festival tale and join characters from Dickens’ many Christmas stories in this new adaptation of his work. Following last year’s critically acclaimed sell-out success, Newton Park at Christmas, OnSet productions have invited LAStheatre […]

LAStheatre will be back at Curious Arts Festival again this year. This time in the guise of Story Storage. At Curious Arts Festival, 2017 Story Storage will be delivering their world famous Imagination Manager training! Come and tell them your favourite stories and, with their help, turn them into miniature 3D environments – ready for storage. Expect paint, pipe cleaners […]

Last week we were busy creating a launch event for the exciting new advertising agency Always Be Content at the Marketing Society Star Awards.   They’re an agency for a new age: who make magic out of logic and bring a more a balanced, holistic approach to the creative business. See what we did there?   Their message – win […]

In July, LAStheatre created an adaptation of There Is A Monster In My Home by 王蕾 at the Art+ 798 International Art Education Center in the heart of Beijing’s art district.  Barra Collins (Writer/Director) and Sean Turner (Designer) lead a team of 4 – 12 year olds in a creative process which saw them design and build the set, costumes, puppets and rehearse […]

Our Artistic Director, Barra Collins, (amongst others) talks to The Stage about how working with brands doesn’t have to mean selling out and also discusses potential pitfalls of these type of collaborations. “Barra Collins (LAStheatre) is a theatremaker and actor. He has worked with a number of brands. Like others, he welcomes the exposure it brings, and the chance to […]

Today LAStheatre were interviewed by the radio station RBC. The Interview was part of the program Story Time. LAStheatre’s Barra Collins and Sean Turner discussed the importance of reading and theatre for young audiences.

Story Storage opened on the 8th of July at the Beijing Expo Centre. The immersive installation takes families on an adventure through four brand new Chinese children’s books. This LAStheatre production forms the center piece of the China Children’s Book Expo. Story Storage runs until the 17th of July 2016.

  This year, at Barnaby Festival, LAStheatre transformed Christ Church into the secret laboratory of eccentric astronomer, John Merschel, and invited families of Macclesfield  to join in his greatest ever venture! Following their many failed experiments, Mershel & Co. had finally succeeded in bringing the moon and stars down to earth. But John hadn’t been quite as clever as he thought […]

A curious event, inspired by We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.  Performers from LAStheatre led children, big and small, on a hunt through Pylewell Park.  The troop climbed festival mountain, tiptoed through the literature tent and canoe past the bespectacled crocodiles on an improvised adventure of the children’s creation!  And it all ended with a chase from […]

LAStheatre will be taking their new project Story Storage to the China Children’s Book Expo 2016, in Beijing, to launch four new children’s books.     At Story Storage, we do what it says on the box, we store stories. With purpose built archives across the planet, we have the space you need. From characters and settings, to complete story […]

In the heart of Macclesfield a strange and remarkable tale unfolds. Step into this theatrical adventure and the incredible story of the astronomer who has brought the moon and stars down to earth. But all is not well. Find out why the town is filled with stars, what has happened to put Macclesfield in such peril, and how you can […]

Welcome to the Battle of the Carnivals! The Bird Carnival have challenged the Ingénue’s to a battle royal, a carnival-off, if you will.   Sergei Bird, the head of the Bird Carnival, felt ill-treated by reports last year claiming he stole Popou Ingénue’s phoenix. He said, and I quote: “things are not always as they seem, nothing is ever black and […]

Artistic Director, Barra Collins, speaks to Big Issue North about immersive theatre, The Lost Carnival and duelling Vikings from an early age.     Full text below: Last year, three companies, LAStheatre, Wild Rumpus and So It Is, set out to create a narrative-led, immersive family arts event for the north of England. The Lost Carnival took families on an […]

  Proud to announce our new show, The Astronomers Story. In the heart of Macclesfield a strange and remarkable tale unfolds. Step into this theatrical adventure and the incredible story of the astronomer who has brought the moon and stars down to earth. But all is not well. Find out why the town is filled with stars, what has happened […]

Proud to announce that the Lost Carnival, our co-prouction with Wild Rumpus and So It Is, will be returning in 2016! More news to follow soon.

Just So Festival

Back from Just So Festival. For the last few years we have run the Tribal Tournament – the beating heart of the festival. Families of foxes, stags, fish, frogs, owls and lions battled it out – proudly displaying their skill in feats of strength, aeronautical design, Play Your Cards Right and pillow fights. Congratulations to the Owl Tribe this years […]

LAStheatre will be artists in residence at the Southbank Centre for the Festival of Love. During this time we will producing a interactive project called The Big Wedding Makeathon.   Join Bernard and Beatrice at Royal Festival Hall for the Big Wedding Makeathon. This sociable duo has a family album containing photographs of all the happy couples about to be […]

A marvellous time was had on our first excursion to the Curious Arts Festival. Festival goers joined us for an Alice In Wonderland adventure featuring caucus races, Mad Hatters tea parties, tales from the Dormouse and butter DIY with the handy March Hare.

Proud to announce our latest production: The Lost Carnival. Families of the North, prepare yourselves. Over a century after the mysterious Lost Carnival was last heard of, news has reached our ears that in May 2015, the carnival will reappear for a few short nights in the North of England. An ambitious, large-scale, outdoor experience from Wild Rumpus, producers of […]

Artistic Director, Barra Collins, talks to BBC News about our show New Atlantis and about bring science on stage. Full text below: The lives of scientists have been played out on screen in recent months, from The Imitation Game to The Theory of Everything, which are up for several film awards. Now researchers are appearing on stage as themselves, to […]

We are thrilled to announce our latest theatre production – New Atlantis.   The year is 2050. Miami has been abandoned due to rising sea levels, water austerity is crushing a drought-ridden London and the CEOs of two major energy companies have been imprisoned for historic climate crimes. Presiding over these developments are the agents of New Atlantis.   As […]