There’s A Monster In My House

Art+798 International Arts Centre, Beijing
LAStheatre created the first adaptation of the Chinese children’s book ‘There’s A Monster In My House’ by 王蕾 at the Art+ 798 International Arts Centre in the heart of Beijing’s 798 art district.

Barra Collins (Writer/Director) and Sean Turner (Designer) led a team of 4 – 12 year olds in the creative process. Together, they collaboratively designed and made the set, costumes and puppets. The residency culminated with a sharing of the live show.

When the audience arrived they were met by two parents.

Parent 1: Thank you for looking after our little girl while we are out.

Parent 2: She sometimes gets scared.

Parent 1: Sometimes, she says that she sees monsters.

Parent 2: But we all know that monsters don’t exist. Dont't we?

As soon as the parents are gone, the monsters come out to play - a glutenous pig, the Great Venus Demon, the Bull Demon King, the Bone Demon and the Spider Demon. 

Surrounded, the little girl decides to banish them all.  Her parents arrive home to find the house in a total mess.

The audience is scolded and relieved of their duties. Only the little girl knows of the adventure that they have been on together.
Creative Team

Writer/Director: Barra Collins
Designer: Sean Turner

Created with support from:
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