Home: London

An R&D with 13-16 year olds in London
Our homes, and where we come from, shape the way we view the world: the things that comfort us, the things that make us feel out of shape. 

In a year where we have spent more time than we could have ever anticipated in our households - 5 young artist reflect on what home means to them. 

This R&D focused on developing our practice in working collaboratively with young people online and researching geolocated audio as a vehicle for creating socially distanced performance.

 What is a geolocated audio?

Geolocated audio experiences happen in a predefined location.  It can be completed at any time and at your own speed. 

When you arrive at the location, open the app and you will see your location as a little blue dot, surrounded by a white circle.

Across the map are light blue circles or shapes - each is an audio recording. All you have to do is walk your blue dot inside the shapes to unlock and play the sound files.
Can I attend the experience?

Yes, the experience is live in two locations - Hilly Fields, Brockley and Beckenham Place Park - both are in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Click the location below to download the app and launch the experience:

Hilly Fields, Brockley
Beckenham Place Park

Home: London is a LAStheatre production, created with support from The Ragdoll Foundation.

For more information contact: liz@LAStheatre.com.
Creative Team

Director: Aminita Francis
Audio Production: Andre Hall (Anikdote) 
Producer: Liz Bate
Artistic Director: Barra Collins

Created with support from:
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