Home: London

An R&D with 14-16 year olds in London
LAStheatre have been developing a new project in collaboration with young people across London. Lead by Aminita Francis, they explored the power of words to investigate what home means to them.

The resulting recordings, created in kitchens, bedrooms and under blankets, will be turned into a geolocated artworks in parks within each of the artists home boroughs. 
The result of this R&D will be available to audiences from December 2020.

 What is a geolocated artwork?

Geolocation technology allows us to create a socially distanced experience that embeds the voices of young people in the landscape of the city.

Accessed through an app, audiences will be able to see the recordings as shapes on a map.
The sound files play when listeners physically walk inside the shape, using their phones GPS to determine their location.

Home: London is a LAStheatre production, created with support from The Ragdoll Foundation.

For more information contact: [email protected]
Creative Team

Workshop Leader: Amanita Francis 
Producer: Liz Bate
Artistic Director: Barra Collins

Created with support from:
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LAStheatre is a Social Enterprise Company incorporated in England & Wales under the name LAS THEATRE C.I.C., Company No 08052556.
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