Studio 338, London

“While there’s plenty of talk, at the moment, about bridging the gap between arts and science, this is a show that actually does it; and provides a good, exhausting, thought-provoking night out, into the bargain.” **** Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman (Deadinburgh)

A video message plays. A voice pierces through the static. Time is running out.

Join us for a sharing of our new Enlightenment Café production, ZΩH.  Experience the stories of inspirational people living on the front line of the climate emergency. Work alongside real scientists to help halt humanity’s extinction. All in a synapse snapping night of theatre at London’s first eco-conscious nightclub.

Speculation about human destiny has infused culture through myth and cosmology since ancient times. Prophetic tales told of what the future holds, of apocalypse and resurrection, often conveying moral messages for the here and now. ZΩH taps into that age-old drive to ponder the possibilities of what lies ahead and reminds us that the future is not preordained but subject to human actions and choices.

The show utilises the UN’s Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the Independent Futures Forum’s World Game providing audiences with a glimpse into the lives of climate witnesses in 2019 and 2050. Inspirational figures of 2019 include: Constance Okollet, Sharon Hanshaw, Vu Thi Hien and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.

In the second half of the production, the future is placed in the hands of the audience. Prior to the show, they each receive one of twelve research topics: Water, Worldview, Governance, Habitat, Wellbeing, Biosphere, Energy, Wealth, Food, Trade, Community or Climate. Each of these departments is headed up by a real scientist or researcher, partner organisations including UCL, University of Kent, London Wildlife Trust and Green Space Information for Greater London. Together, the audience and their experts, take part in a thrilling race, against the clock, to create innovative ideas for one planet living.

Can their work transform our future?

Welcome to ZΩH.




Cast includes: Bisola Elizabeth Alabi; Nicola Blackman; Kirsten Foster; Nicola May-Taylor; and Chiedza Rwodzi.

Writer/Director: Barra Collins

Producer: Liz Bate

Set & Costume Designer: Sean Turner

Installation Artist: Christopher Jenkins

Sound Designer: Eleanor Isherwood

Video Design: Potion Pictures

Workshop Facilitator: Toby Peach

Collaborators include: UCL; Greenspace Information for Greater London; BugLife; London National Park City; and London Wildlife Trust.


This R&D is made possible by support from: