The Rascally Diner R&D

artsdepot, London

Inspired by the book ‘The Rascally Cake’ by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul, LAStheatre are developing a new production for children aged 6 and over about healthy eating. The book follows Mr Rufus Skumskins O’Parsley who famously eats disgusting food made from toe nails, dead flies, and mud. This accounts for his green skin and purple hair. Mr O’Parsley is baking a cake using his trademark disgusting ingredients when the gateau transformed into a man-eating bun and attempts to devour him. He narrowly escaped with his life because of his revolting taste – a result of his appalling diet.

In The Rascally Diner, we meet Mr O’Parsley following this traumatic experience. He has changed his ways and eats only the most nutritious foods. However, he fears if this fact was to become public knowledge, the bun may return for a second bite. So, he disguises his new culinary creations as disgusting dishes – the most infamous being Bogey Burgers and Brown Rat Roast.

The Rascally Diner will be a production for families that is part show, part culinary experience. Our residency at artsdepot will help us explore the ways that the performance can cross into the discussion about healthy eating. As part of this development period we will be working with nutritionist, Alison Bate, to make sure that the information we are imparting is correct and informed by the best research on engaging young people with the topic of nutrition and healthy eating.


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