The Enlightenment Café (EC)

London, Edinburgh, Coventry...

Since 2012, we have been delivering science/art collaborations with, or commissioned by, some of the UK’s most prestigious academic and cultural institutions under the name ‘The Enlightenment Café’.



Deadinburgh (Summerhall, 2013) explored what it meant to be human by placing the audience at the centre of an epidemic. Collaborators included: Edinburgh University; Heriot-Watt University; Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology; and The Roslin Institute.

The show was a sell-out and won multiple awards including Best Experiential Event at the Scottish Event Awards and Best STEM Project at the NCCPE’s Engage Awards. Joyce McMillan (Scotsman) gave the production four stars saying: “The show achieves something special in so effectively patrolling the boundary between straightforward horror-movie excitement, and the powerful ethical and strategic questions raised.”


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New Atlantis

New Atlantis (The Crystal, 2015) transported the audience to a world suffering the worst effects of climate change. Collaborators included: UCL; Rutherford Appleton Laboratories; and The Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling.

Mary Halton (Exeunt) wrote: “I have two personal criteria for pieces of performance; I want them to challenge me, and/or I want them to change me…New Atlantis challenged my politics and it changed, well, two days later I applied for my MSc.”


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