Kew Gardens, London

‘There are wonders to see…a crazy winter king, 20ft tall, covered in ivy and holly, graces the Princess of Wales Conservatory…children are engaged by jesters posing riddles and twisting rainbow diabolos.’ – The Independant

In the depths of Winter, in the court of the Holly King, four hooded characters shelter from the storm. In front of a towering sculpture of the Regent, encircled by fire pits, they reveal themselves. With swords and magic, fire and riddles they bring to life the tale of Winter Solstice.

For the jester, the meeting of the Holly and Oak Kings is a tale of wit. For the Queen it is one of love. Whilst the witch and knight spin stories of witchcraft and war.


‘Hweol’ is an interactive family production that was performed as part of Christmas at Kew.  Through a mixture of street theatre and story telling, over 100,000 people joined in this celebration of British folklore and the power of nature.


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