Just So, Secret Garden Party, Curious Arts Festival...

LAStheatre have produced roaming characters, stages and theatre performances for festivals including Secret Garden Party, Just So, Curious Arts Festival and the Crystal Palace Overground Festival. This work has ranged from peculiar programming for curious adults to tea parties for tenacious toddlers.


Just So Festival

JS Festival

For the last few years we have been leading the Tribal Tournament – the activity at the heart of Just So Festival.

Each year Just So families choose one of 6 animal tribes: Fox, Fish, Lion, Stag, Owl and Frog.  Over the course of the festival, our Tribal Leaders run a series of exciting challenges and workshops in which kids and adults alike can earn points for their tribe. Festival favourites include: feats of strength, aeronautical design, Play Your Cards Right and pillow fights.

The festival reaches its climax as our performers lead their tribes on a march through the Rode Hall estate, the 5,000 strong audience chanting their anthems as they awaiting the result of the Tribal Tournament.




Crystal Palace Overground Festival


LAStheatre produced a performance stage for Crystal Palace Overground Festival.  The audience were invited to let their hair down, loosen their corset and twiddle their moustache whilst poets, bands and theatre makers took to the stage with inventive and mind-boggling interpretations of The Great Exhibition!

Between acts festival goers could take an afternoon perambulation around our Cabinet of Curiosities meeting inspiring minds and taking part in workshops that informed and amazed. With a mixture of local talent and theatrical beaux from further afield, LAStheatre created an event which celebrated the inquiring mind of the Victorian and the golden age of the Crystal Palace!