Artist In Residence

Southbank Centre, London

During the Festival of Love, LAStheatre were invited to become artists in residence at the Southbank Centre. As part of our residency we created the Big Wedding Makeathon – a narrative led craft experience for families.

The audience met two eccentric characters named Bernard and Beatrice who, due to circumstances well within their control, had ended up camping in the foyer of the Southbank Centre.


The couple were, rather remarkably, close personal friends of every single couple that were getting married at the Big Wedding Weekend. Every time the duo received a wedding invitation they would put their clocks back to ensure they were not late for the big day. However, due to the sheer volume of invites, Bernard and Beatrice ended up at the venue a whole month early. The wonderful people at the Southbank Centre allowed the couple to camp in their front of house, where they proceeded to enlist visitors in creating gifts and decorations for the big day.