“While there’s plenty of talk, at the moment, about bridging the gap between arts and science, this is a show that actually does it; and provides a good, exhausting, thought-provoking night out, into the bargain.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Since 2012, LAStheatre has been creating multi-disciplinary science/art projects under the banner of The Enlightenment Café (EC). Through collaboration with real scientists and our unique approach to storytelling, we engage audiences with important real-world problems. ZΩH, our fifth major EC production, will focus on biodiversity-loss and the future of civilization.

Speculation about human destiny has infused culture through myth and cosmology since ancient times. Prophetic tales told of what the future holds, of apocalypse and resurrection, often conveying moral messages for the here and now. ZΩH taps into that age-old drive to ponder the possibilities of what lies ahead and reminds us that the future is not preordained but subject to human actions and choices.

Welcome to ZΩH.


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